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    The company SETTE was created in the late 70s when a group of cable companies, who wanted to enrich the French programming at the time, created TVFQ 99, which broadcasted programming from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec. The company, then called Société d’édition et de transcodage t.e. limitée, concentrated its efforts, for several years, on the programming, broadcasting, transcoding and distribution of this highly original TV station, which would become TV5 in 1988.


    During its 35 years of existence, the company then aired several other TV stations including Super Écran, Canal Vie, TV5 Québec-Canada and Évasion. SETTE implemented Canada’s first private standards conversion service in 1985, a subtitling service in 2002 and a video description service in 2005. SETTE now offers a range of services connected to the television industry, with an increasing number of clients of broadcasters, producers and distributors.


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    Contact Alain Charest.