Content management made simple

Perhaps you chuckled to yourself when reading “simple” and “content management” in the same sentence. Sounds like an oxymoron to an industry professional, right? But what if post-production didn’t have to be so hard…

Turns out it doesn’t. Today, SETTE Media has the market’s most comprehensive solution for simplifying how you manage, distribute, and archive content, meaning our platform is the kind of one-stop shop that can connect you and your team to big gains in productivity.

We’re well equipped to meet producers, directors, photographers, distributors, and broadcasters exactly where they’re at, with tailored solutions centred on quality—we’ve built our reputation on it.

So let’s call lights, camera, action on our platform’s most powerful features and take a closer look at what SETTE Media has to offer…

Major Attractions

Increased efficiency

Content accessibility, traceability, and longevity

Optimized collaboration throughout a project

All in one place
(one-stop shop)

Manage – Collab – Share – Archive

SETTE Media has what industry creatives have been wanting for a long time now: an all-in-one content management system that makes your job easier, not harder. It’s a top-tier tool that doesn’t distract from your craft, but quietly supports you in the background while you make magic. Think of SETTE Media’s content management system as that unicorn PA that makes everything run smoother and increases everyone’s bandwidth, allowing pure creativity to rise to the top.

Central Features

Next-level file preparation
Next-level file preparation, post-production, and collaboration

Enhance how the full spectrum of stakeholders collaborates on your project. Our platform streamlines the file preparation and post-production phases for every trade involved. Import film runs for offline editing and use the virtual screening room to collab and dialogue with your editors.

Archiving | Catalogue, index, categorize, and store back-up copies of rushes in the virtual vault

File prepping | Import and manage content for offline editing (synching and transcoding dailies, creating working copies, etc.)

Collaborating| Harness the power of the screening room for dailies and share working copies with offline editors

Conforming | Conform offline editing, send for colour grading and sound editing

Finishing | Create master files (with sound dubbing, credits, and media accessibility services)

Deliverables | Create deliverables that align with digital broadcasting and distribution standards

Sharing | Enjoy a secure screening room, with or without watermarking

Streamline how you manage content

Organize your files by asset type in the multimedia content library—including videos, soundtracks, accessibility features, advertising, and more—to make browsing your catalogue intuitive. Render your content easily searchable by genre, asset type, collection, or even customize your own fields, all in one central location.

Share your digital
Share your digital content, globally

Allow clients all over the world to browse your multimedia content library via a dedicated search engine. Make files available for easy viewing and sharing via a secure, user-friendly portal. Any shared content will bear a watermark up until the time of purchase.

Deliver digital content
Customize how you deliver digital content

Deliver multiplatform content around the world using custom client specifications. These days, the staggering variety of content types required by clients means you need to work with a partner that can deliver in the right format, right on time.

Long-term, migration-free archiving

SETTE Media can create physical backups of your multimedia content and store it for up to 100 years on Sony optical discs. Cloud-based archiving is also available upon request.

Enhanced, industry-leading security

Keep your data safe! Our Trusted Partner Network (TPN) certification is a testament to our compliance with internationally recognized best practices. We take protecting your intellectual property to heart, helping you securely manage, share, and distribute your creative content.


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« SETTE has been a valued partner for AMI-télé since 2014. They listen to our needs, and take pride in responding to our requests with diligence and accuracy. It’s really reassuring to know that you’re in good hands. »

« Our company has been working with SETTE since 2002. Over the years, we have noted their high-quality standards, exceptional availability, and impressive responsiveness. SETTE offers courteous, professional service, and we are confident in their expertise. Feel free to contact them for all your needs!»

« Our collaboration with SETTE spans nearly a decade. Our trust in them has only grown over the years. The team at SETTE is dynamic and proactive, and most professional. »

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